A downloadable tileset

Intended for use in RPG Maker MV,  but made from scratch, and therefore compatible with all engines. (I may release a Tiled autotile version.)

Ever looked at your maps and gone, "Man, this is just... missing something"? Tired of having to fool around with external image editing and painstaking filenames and for every single map you use? Well, guess what, I've got a completely vanilla asset that takes a little bit of that angst off your shoulders.

This tileset is intended to be used in the "E" slot of your tilesets and set to star so that it mimics cast shadows and light sources. If set to appear below the player, it may enable extensive boundary breaking; I would use a plugin like Yanfly's region restrictions to prevent this behavior from occurring.

Due to the limitations of RPG maker itself, you can stack at most two distinct decor tiles at once.  (Play around! You get different effects from different layering orders.) Have your hand hovering over the undo button while you place lighting tiles, because it's easy to accidentally erase other decor.

License: May be used in any type of game, for any price. May be modified in any way you desire - I personally suggest playing with recolors to see what fits the atmosphere of your game best! A link back to this page and credit for the idea in your games' credit page is deeply appreciated, but I'm mostly releasing this because I'm amazed nobody thought to post something like this before me.

Install instructions

Plop it in your game's  img -> tilesets, then go into the database and add the file as the "E" sheet for the tileset groups you want to use it with.


shadowset.png 37 kB


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Reminds me of Fancy graphics from Minecraft :) Looks good. I'll for sure give it a try when I get around to that phase on my project.


Hey, thanks!

Yeah, it's meant to be a nice, simple way to boost up a tile-only map that's tileset agnostic.