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When?: This module is designed for parties in transit –you just finished one major story arc, and need a breather before the next; one of the regulars can’t make this session; mere random encounters have become too mundane… and so forth.

Where?: by nature of its content, fundamentally compatible with any setting that contains relatively unsettled areas for this village to nest. Mentions of 5E races may be freely substituted for contextual equivalents or ignored, should none exist.

What?: An entire village of sapient poultry with hands, their c. 1650 era styled village, and a boatload of chicken drama!

The final release will include:

  • A like, y'know, fully formatted PDF, with content, and no sentences that just drop off in the middle, and fewer spelling errors
  • PNG format, full-sized copies of each of the illustrations (...currently Sir and Madame Not Appearing In This File. See above note.)
  • Full-sized copies of the maps to present to players
  • Play tokens of main NPCs for use in Roll20 and other 2D play sites
  • Long-form stat blocks for all characters with unique stats formatted for easy printing. (In-text, individual character stats are represented as modifications of a default "poultrykind" statblock; for those not using D&D, the former may actually be more useful for thoughtful adaptation to your system.)
  • A PDF of the Poultrykind character creation information, separated from the rest of the module for homebrewing convenience


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