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Scrivination is a method, not a game. To call it a game would imply players begin in a certain frame of mind about what they are about to do and the force(s) they are about to call upon - and the designer makes no such assumption.

Does it scry something from a parallel world, or the past? Is it divining a future? Settling a debate in the present? It all depends on what you decide to use it for.

The following file assets provide a board (In three forms - fancy, single-sheet printer-friendly, and two-sheet printing) and a rules document that describes a method of solo or collaborative storytelling using the board, a handful of tokens, and letting the pieces fall where they may. It is compatible as a roleplay and/or collaborative writing tool with any type of setting or characters.

Currently, this is not configured to be an SRD; I intend to return to Scrivination to add the additional terms and conditions (and advanced proofreading) to allow that use in the near future.


Scrivination.pdf 867 kB
Scrivination_RPG fancy.png 5 MB
Scrivination_RPG bw square.png 1 MB
Scrivination two sheet board.pdf 197 kB

Install instructions

Print one or more boards. Read the instructions (which include how to assemble the two-sheet board, for the record. )

Try it out.

Development log


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Heyy there Benevolentwanderer,

If you're able to, feel free to delete this comment later (else I'll delete it myself!). But I message you here becos I didn't find another link to message you directly.

I see you made a few collections around transmasc games and printables. Saw you added some of my stuff there and just wanted to let you know my most recent game/demo also focuses on transmasc and enby individuals so if you'd like to add it, feel free to :D

Greets, KaidanKay